Throughout the last century, guided by the light of science and math, we have uncovered exciting new understandings about the hidden architecture of our universe. With this growing body of knowledge comes a new awareness of our dramatic, extremely effective and mostly untapped individual power to change our world from within. Not surprisingly, this new understanding meshes beautifully with many of the world’s spiritual traditions. The Architecture of Freedom is about this new understanding and how it sets us completely free from our old concepts and ideas about life.

Everything that we experience in our physical lives begins with our senses and the subsequent processing and interpretation of their signals by our brain. Both our senses and our brains have physiological limitations. We know that there are many animals that can hear, see, smell and feel things that we are utterly incapable of sensing or cognizing. We can’t see or sense radio waves or wireless signals, yet we now entirely depend on them to move much of the information that runs our contemporary society. In our day-to-day lives we are only aware of a small proportion of what is really going on around us. Not only do we miss all types of local phenomenon, but also, throughout the last century, scientists have been busy discovering that the vast majority of our physical universe is imperceptible to humans, even when we are using our most sensitive scientific instruments. Something very significant is going on “out there,” and most of it is completely hidden from us.

Do you wonder about the way your life appears? Are you looking for a way to dramatically change your life? Have you tried to change many times only to find that over time you always revert to old patterns? 

“The Architecture of Freedom” is full of fresh insights that are designed to help create a more permanent type of change. Exploring modern physics, personal experience, and spirituality, this book outlines a different way of understanding our lives, our universe and our being. While not a quick read or easy fix, once understood, the ideas in this book will forever change your life.

Whether or not we are aware of it, what the majority of us most desire is peace of mind in each and every moment. This experience becomes available when we learn how to live our lives without “resistance” so that we each can then use our unique gifts to follow our most personal and joyful path. Due to deeply held fears, we all create “resistance” to the natural and organic flow that would otherwise effortlessly move our lives. Near the root of these fears is the fear that we will one day die and then cease to exist. However, because of the way our universe is built, this fear of death is completely unfounded. “The Architecture of Freedom” explains why death, or our passing into a state of nonexistence, is impossible.

Freedom is living our lives without this chronic fear or “resistance,” so that we are fully available for all the amazing possibilities that then begin to flow forth. Learning to live this way is about learning how to live in the “present moment” or “now.” When we live fearless lives in the “now,” we become directly connected to a different and amazing way of being–our birthright. In this way we access the deeper parts of our being to share a type of universal awareness that is healing for each individual and for our entire planet.

Imagine a universe where everything is possible and every idea is fully realized. Everything–all that we consider good or bad, saintly or evil, beautiful or ugly–already exists along with anything else that any person or being could ever dream or imagine. What if you could choose from all of these things to construct your perfect life? Amazingly, this is much closer to the true form of creation than the world that we usually imagine. All of these possibilities are happening at once and we all have the ability to choose which parts of this “everything” that we will experience. We cannot choose using our brains or even our minds; instead, we choose with the entirety of our vibrational being. It is not easy for us to understand this type of choosing because so much of our universe exists and operates in realms that we can’t directly access with our minds or five senses. Even though it doesn’t seem that we have full access to this hidden but amazing space, it is always fully interactive with our lives–it creates everything that we do and experience.

A large part of life’s beauty derives from this mystery, which only exists because, in our present form, we are not yet capable of understanding the infinite nature of creation. If we could understand the full extent of creation, we would see clearly that we are all one being, that time is an illusion, that we never will die, and that everything that happens is exactly perfect for the evolution of our soul. We are not here to understand creation–that is not our purpose. We are here to gain experience by fearlessly participating in every aspect of life and living our lives fully. This is true freedom.

Understanding more about the hidden structure of creation can help eliminate many of our common fears; it is these fears that prevent us from living our lives in freedom. I have devoted a large part of my life to exploring the nearest and occasionally visible edges of this truth. This book describes my personal adventure and the process that brought me to this realization. It is my hope that this book might serve others as a helpful guide for this, our common journey.